For Rebels read to break the chains and who are ready for more!

The big Vision? The dreams? The life you want to create?

I happens in Rebel Kickstart! Here we bust through your excuses and create your on Rebel Movement!

You are part of the pack and are 100% supported and held accountable!

You can expect daily support, monthly new content in forms of courses and trainings and group calls where we smash all the bullshit!

When you are part of Rebel Kickstart you don't get the fluff because that's not how I roll!

Ready! Set! Goals!

But not just any goals - the kind of goals that light you up and are led by your intuition and happen with inspired action!

Chose to rebel.

Here’s what it means to be a rebel:

Rebels are driven by their vision for the future

Rebels are relentless

Rebels take back the power from their captors

Rebels are strongest together

Rebels see the spark in others and help fan it into flame

But right now, you are still uncomfortable speaking your own truth and living in integrity?

Your confidence rises only to plummet again 

Your mindset in strong only for it to take a dive 

And then you are sick and tired of feeling frustrated.

You are ready for your own rebellion!

You want to know exactly how to set goals that are intuition led

You want to know the steps to take to achieve your goals

You want to smash your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs!

And how amazing is it that you came here to find this space where I am going to share with how the how and the what but also so much more! 

When you join Rebel Kickstart, you'll be part of our pack, and will be 100% supported by myself with accountability, trainings & courses, planning sessions and group calls!

You will learn that being you is not only necessary but required if you want to achieve your dreams

I made this for the creative, passionate Rebel, who doesn't know where to begin but knows that the time is now!

I know you've been looking for the how-to, the guidance, the support, the accountability and strategies to claim your own rebellion and make shit happen on your terms unchained from conformity!

And you can have all of this and so much more!

I am so glad you found this and you are here because: 

I’m sharing everything I know and what you need to make things happen and adding new content monthly to make it easer to claim that big vision and the dreams!

It was made for you!

So stop hesitating!

Join the Rebel Kickstart right now and get ready to be the Rebel you've desired to be for so long!

People, situations and internal negativity held me captive for years. It was like a prison I carried with me, keeping me from making my dreams a reality. As a product of Germany’s foster care system from age 2, everyone around me was ready to tell me I was a lost cause... That sex, drugs, alcohol, and bad choices were going to drown out any hope of freedom and creativity in my life. I let their toxic words seep into my very soul, and I almost proved their sad predictions right. Living an intuitive, creative life seemed like an impossible dream until . . .

I became a rebel.

I’m inviting you to be a part of the Rebel Kickstart Community, one that will joins you to your pack family with support, guidance and accountabiltiy!  

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    90-Day Video & Planner Course - Ready, Set, Goal
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